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This page provides a convenient way for potential host families to review actual student profiles of incoming students and contact their local NWSE Area Coordinator or the NWSE main office to discuss their preferences. The list may include NWSE students who are already in the process of being placed in a host family. Click here to learn more about hosting.

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  • Amir from Kyrgyzstan
    • ID: 5501
    • Gender: M
    • Age: 16
    • Grade: 10
    • Spring 2024

    Amir is a 15-year-old boy from Kyrgyzstan. He will turn 16 in September, at the beginning of his exchange program. His favorite activities are going on walks with friends, watching movies, and making/editing videos. He also enjoys basketball, bicycling, hiking, ice-skating, skiing, swimming, playing the violin, photography, and reading. If possible, Amir would like to participate in his school’s swimming team during his exchange in the US. Amir describes himself as being tidy, studious, creative, organized, flexible, and kind.  Read more...

    Amir's native language is Russian. He only recently started studying English, but speaks quite fluently. His favorite school subjects are math and English. He would like to pursue a career in computer science in the future.

    Amir lives with his mother, father, and older sister. His father works in business to support the family. Amir has allergies to cats, nuts, and various spicy foods. He also has a phobia of spiders.



    Allergies: allegic to cats Spicy food and nuts