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This page provides a convenient way for potential host familes to review actual student profiles of incoming students and contact their local NWSE Area Coordinator or the NWSE main office to discuss their preferences. The list may include NWSE students who are already in the process of being placed in a host family. Click here to learn more about hosting.

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  • Zhixing from Germany
    • ID: 4676
    • Gender: F
    • Age: 16
    • Grade: 11
    • Spring 2020

    Zhixing, who goes by Grace, is a 16 year old girl from China who has been living in Germany since the age of 8. In fact, she is in the process of applying for German citizenship at the moment, so she might come on this exchange as a German if everything falls into place time wise. Grace would describe herself as friendly, studious, responsible, open-minded, and organized. She says of herself that she is a happy person. She loves reading and her favorite books are fantasy stories. Grace also plays the violin and is a member of the school orchestra. She enjoys dancing, which she does mostly at home because then she can choose the music to dance to, she does her own choreographies as well. Grace and her parents attend a Chinese protestant church where she helps out with the after service meals and cleaning the dishes. She loves meeting new people and is excited to embark on another cultural experience.  Read more...

    Grace’s native language is Chinese, but she is fluent in German as well as she has been raised in Germany for the past eight years. In addition to German, she has studied English for 8 years, French for 5 and Latin for 3 years. She is attending a bilingual German/English school in Germany and earns very good grades. Her favorite subjects are English, German, math, and chemistry. Grace’s teacher would describe her as a very friendly, reliable, talented, and respectful student who is well liked by peers and teachers alike.

    Grace lives with her parents. Her father is a university professor and her mother is a nurse in an assisted living facility. The family has not pets, but Grace would be willing to live in a home with pets as long as it is not a big dog as she is afraid of them. She has no known allergies and no dietary restrictions.



    Allergies: none